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Issue Details

Issue V3#5 [29]
Published October 1942
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Stanley Beaman (?)

Cover Details

Pencils John Jordan
Inks John Jordan
Notes #29 (V. 3 #5)

1 page Ye Editors' Page letters page

Script editors and readers
Letters typeset
Notes This is the inside-front cover

12 page Dick Cole story "Because of the war, the traditions of the Farr Military Academy have to be..."

Script George Kapitan?
Pencils Al Fagaly (signed)
Inks Al Fagaly?

8 page Sergeant Spook story "The Moaning Ghosts!"

Script Spillane (signed)
Pencils John Jordan (signed)
Inks John Jordan

6 page Phantom Sub story "The Guardian of our air lanes - and nemesis of the enemy's undersea's flotillas!"

Script Bill O'Connor
Pencils Ben Flinton
Inks Leonard Sansone

4 page Krisko and Jasper story

Pencils Jack A. Warren
Inks Jack A. Warren

2 page text story

Letters typeset

7 page Sub-Zero story

Pencils John Daly
Inks John Daly

5 page White Rider and Super Horse story "The White Rider, while on vacation, follows the trail of a mountain lion..."

4 page Old Cap Hawkins' True Tales story "We'll be Back!"

Characters General MacArthur

6 page Edison Bell story "Well, Hank, it looks as if you're all set for the big Labor Day race tomorrow."

Script Ray Gill?
Pencils Ray Gill?
Inks Ray Gill?

8 page Blue Bolt the American story "Bandits of the Skies!"

Pencils Alan Mandel (signed)
Inks Alan Mandel

1 page Bluebolts and Nuts cartoon