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Issue Details

Issue #v6#7 [63]
Published February 1946
Frequency monthly, except bi-monthly June-July and December-January
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler (Editor & General Manager); Jane Spaulding Nye (Managing Editor); Mel Cummin (Art Director); Peggy Ann Crowley (Associate Editor); Helen Doig Schmid (Editorial Assistant)
Notes Copyright 1945, by the Premium Service Co., Inc. "Blue Bolt" in indicia. Index revised from a scan from

Cover Details

Pencils Jim Wilcox (signed)
Inks Jim Wilcox (signed)

9 page Dick Cole story "Ted Todley and Dick Cole have been invited..."

Pencils Jim Wilcox (signed)
Inks Jim Wilcox (signed)

1 page Volto from Mars; Grape-Nut Flakes advertisement "Volto and Jimmy are flying over jungle..."

5 page Krisko and Jasper story "Eggs'n toast'n coffee comin' up!"

Pencils Jack A. Warren (signed)
Inks Jack A. Warren (signed)

7 page Sergeant Spook story "When Jerry tries to collect a bill..."

Pencils Don Rico (signed)
Inks Don Rico (signed)

6 page Blue Bolt the American story "Several months before V-J Day..."

Pencils Tom Gill (signed)
Inks Tom Gill (signed)

5 page Fearless Fellers story "There's joy at the Fearless Fellers Club!"

Script Ray Gill
Pencils Joe Donohoe (signed)
Inks Joe Donohoe (signed)

Half page cartoon "My pop's going to let me go..."

Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)

5 page Edison Bell story "It's a full house, Ed!"

1 page Edison Bell activity "Sound Effects"

Pencils Ray Gill (signed)
Inks Ray Gill (signed)

1 page filler "Have You Heard These Young Radio Stars?"

Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)

1 page Bluebolts and Nuts cartoon "Funny thing -- this watch of mine keeps better time in March..."

Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)
Notes 7 one-panel gags.