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Issue Details

Issue #v8#11 [89]
Published April 1948
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler (Editor & General Manager); Jane Spaulding Nye (Managing Editor); Phillip E. Moonan (Assistant Manager); Mel Cummin (Art Director); Alfred V. Fago (Art Consultant)
Notes Copyright 1948 by the Premium Service Co., Inc. "Blue Bolt" in indicia. Index revised from a scan from

Cover Details

Pencils Joe Certa (signed)
Inks Joe Certa (signed)

9 page Dick Cole story "The opening of the huge new gymnasium is a gala event..."

Pencils Jack Hearne
Inks Jack Hearne

1 page cartoon "G'wan -- how can your brother be a candy salesman..."

Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)
Notes 4 single-panel gags.

1 page Easy Cartooning activity "Lesson 1"

Script Milt Hammer (signed)
Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)

8 page Rick Richards story "Battling treachery deep in a mine..."

7 page Sergeant Spook story "Jerry and Spook help "Scotty" McDougal..."

Pencils Howard Larsen ?
Inks Howard Larsen ?

5 page Edison Bell story "I can hardly wait to test the power range of my new binoculars, Eddie!"

Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

1 page activity "This Rustic Bench"

Script Tex Blaisdell (signed)
Pencils Tex Blaisdell (signed)
Inks Tex Blaisdell (signed)

3 page Heathcliff the Hobo filler "Why, you poor, poor man!"

Script Art Helfant (signed)
Pencils Art Helfant (signed)
Inks Art Helfant (signed)

2 page Dink story "If we had a nickel, we could buy some candy!!!"

Script Milt Hammer (signed)
Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)

6 page Blue Bolt the American story "The principal of Portville High has invited Blue Bolt..."

Pencils Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (signed)
Inks Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (signed)