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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published June 2002
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 4.75 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Tom Brevoort; Marc Sumerak (assistant); Jeff Youngquist (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Kat Farrell
Genre Superhero
Pencils Greg Horn (painted; signed)
Inks Greg Horn (painted; signed)
Colors Greg Horn (painted; signed)

23 page Deadline story "Deadline"

Characters Kat Farrell; Johnny Storm [Human Torch]; Robbie Robertson; J. Jonah Jameson; Paul Swanson; Ben Urich; Mr. Dickinson; Betty Brant; Officer Anderton; Jimmy Lee; Turk; Fishbone [Philip Betbeze]; Midnight; The Judge [Michael Hart]; VILLAINS: Carjack (deceased); Third Rail (dies)
Synopsis What's it like to write about Marvel's larger-than-life superhumans... especially if you think they're a bunch of immature brats? Rookie reporter Katherine Farrell hates "The Capes". They wear ridiculous costumes. They have petty feuds. They run around destroying public property when real heroes like cops and firemen are sacrificing their lives to help others. But, hey, Kat's a newbie, so it's the beat she's stuck with. That is, unless she can nail a big story and move up to the City Crime Desk next to her hero Ben Urich. Trouble is, her career, not to mention her life, is threatoned when she uncovers the identity of a super-villian serial killer - a new super hero designed by Editor In Chief Joe Quesada! [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Bill Rosemann
Pencils Guy Davis
Inks Guy Davis
Colors Dave Stewart
Letters Dave Sharpe