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Issue Details

Issue #14
Published February-March 1960
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "The War Trail"

Characters Clint Walker [as Cheyenne Bodie] (photo)
Genre western
Pencils ? (photo)
Inks ? (photo)
Colors ? (photo)
Notes Photo cover of Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie from the "Cheyenne" TV series.

1 page Frisky Fudgie advertisement "Five Seconds to Play!"

Characters Frisky Fudgie
Synopsis Frisky Fudgie provides the extra energy for the game-winning shot in basketball.
Genre sports
Notes Inside front cover; color. Ad in comic strip form for Kraft Fudgies candy. One of a series.

13 page The War Trail story "Cheyenne"

Characters Cheyenne Bodie
Synopsis Cheyenne indians leave their reservation and raid ranches on their way to their old hunting grounds. Cheyenne Bodie brokers a truce, but is betrayed by a Calvary major.
Genre western
Pencils [Tom Gill]

1 page text story "The Courage of Cooky"

Synopsis A old, gunshy cook uses his wits to capture a band of cattle rustlers.
Genre western
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with 1/8 page illustration.

4 page Small Bear story "The Captured Horses"

Characters Small Bear; Long Lance
Synopsis Small Bear uses a Mandan funeral boat to cross a river and gain access to a herd of horses.
Genre western
Pencils [Jon Small]

13 page Cheyenne story "The Reluctant Witness"

Characters Cheyenne Bodie
Synopsis Cheyenne has to devise a way to make a witness tell the truth about a shooting, and keep him alive long enough to do so.
Genre western
Pencils [Tom Gill]
Notes Last panel is Dell's "Pledge to Parents."

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Get this Dell Comic Play Slate"

Letters typeset
Notes Promo for subscriptions to Dell comics. Premium is a Dell Comic Play Slate plus a one-year subscription free. 12 issues for $1.20.

1 page advertisement "Draw Lincoln"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover; black and white. Illustrated ad for Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis, Minn. One of a series.

1 page "Fresh Up" Freddy says: advertisement "How Does a private eye get a quick, refreshing lift?"

Characters Fresh Up Freddie
Synopsis Fresh Up Freddie is a private detective.
Genre funny animal
Notes Back cover, color. Ad in comic strip form for 7-Up soft drink. One of a series.