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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published 09 July 1977
Cover Price 0.08 GBP
Pages 32
Editing ? [as Tharg the Mighty]

Cover Details - "Supercover 2"

Characters Bert West
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Brian Bolland
Inks Brian Bolland

5 page Shako story "Shako [Part 1]"

Characters Jake K. Falmuth; Shako; Hank Wheatley (death); Buck Dollar; Dobie
Synopsis A plane carrying a mysterious capsule crashes in the Arctic Circle; recovery must go through a great white bear - the killer, Shako!
Genre Science Fiction
Script Pat Mills; John Wagner
Pencils Ramon Sola
Inks Ramon Sola
Letters Jack Potter

4 page Invasion story "Hell's Angels"

Characters Bill Savage; Peter Silk; Dodger; Greaser (death)
Synopsis When Savage's van breaks down, he stops at a greasy spoon and garage where Volgs show up minutes later. A bike battle ensues.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Gerry Finley-Day
Pencils Carlos Pino
Inks Carlos Pino
Letters Tom Frame
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

Half page advertisement "Advertisement"

Synopsis An ad for the 2000 AD Summer Special.

3 page Harlem Heroes story "Harlem Heroes Part 20"

Characters Giant; Artie Gruber; Louis Mayer; Slim; Giant; Zack Harper; Conrad King
Synopsis Louis Mayer, newly self-propelled, calms the Heroes bickerings, and Giant and King figure out who's been attacking their teammates.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Tom Tully
Pencils Dave Gibbons
Inks Dave Gibbons
Letters Dave Gibbons
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

Half page letters page "Nerve Centre"

Characters Bert West
Synopsis Supercover Saga No. 2 details The Man Who Stole the Stars!
Script ? [as Tharg the Mighty]
Pencils Brian Bolland
Inks Brian Bolland
Letters Typeset

Half page advertisement "Advertisements"

Synopsis Ads for the Dan Dare Poster Magazine, and a Stamp Competition from D.J. Hanson Ltd.

5 page Dan Dare story "Hollow World Part 9"

Characters Dan Dare; Rok; Base Commander Tremayne; Big Brother Killer Robots
Synopsis Dare tries frantically to reach the Galactic Council and warn them of the Two of Verath's thermonium bomb.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Steve Moore
Pencils Massimo Belardinelli
Inks Massimo Belardinelli
Colors ? (pages 1 and 2 only)
Letters Jack Potter
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

6 page M.A.C.H. 1 story "Tokyo"

Characters John Probe; Michael Khan; Kawabata; Shiva
Synopsis Probe teams up with martial arts expert Michael Khan to save Britain's Prime Minister from The Tangs, a fanatical terrorist group.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Steve MacManus
Pencils Lopez
Inks Lopez
Letters John Aldrich
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

1 page advertisement "Advertisement"

Synopsis "Send for the Goodies" - save 10 wrappers from a number of yummy bars and trade them in for a Goodies Fun Book.

4 page Judge Dredd story "The Comic Pusher"

Characters Max Normal (1st appearance); Judge Dredd; Fat Sam; Skinner; Sloper
Synopsis Judge Dredd breaks up a ring that sells comic books to children for a fortune, and the most valuable is 2000 AD from the 20th century!
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner
Pencils Mike McMahon
Inks Mike McMahon
Letters Bill Nuttall
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

1 page advertisement "Advertisement"

Characters Dan Dare; Mekon; Old One Eye; John Probe; Tharg the Mighty
Synopsis A full-color backpage ad for 2000 AD t-shirts.
Genre Science Fiction
Notes An unidentifiable Harlem Hero is also displayed.