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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published 16 July 1977
Cover Price 0.09 GBP
Pages 32
Editing ? [as Tharg the Mighty]

Cover Details - "Supercover 3"

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Trevor Goring; Kevin O'Neill
Inks Trevor Goring; Kevin O'Neill

5 page Invasion story "Sandringham"

Characters General Rostov; Bill Savage; Peter Silk
Synopsis Savage and his men masquerade as statues to spring a surprise on some Volgs who use British prisoners as clay pigeons.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Gerry Finley-Day
Pencils Mike Dorey
Inks Mike Dorey
Letters Peter Knight
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

5 page Shako story "Shako [Part 2]"

Characters Shako; Jake K. Falmuth; Buck Dollar; Jimbo Johnson (death)
Synopsis Shako is interrupted whilst playing by Falmuth, Dollar and Jimbo. But when Jimbo splits into two, Shako has to get rid of one of 'em.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Pat Mills; John Wagner
Pencils Arancio
Inks Arancio
Letters Jack Potter

4 page Harlem Heroes story "Harlem Heroes Part 21"

Characters Artie Gruber; Giant; Zack Harper; Mr. Gorgon; Slim; Conrad King
Synopsis The Heroes are amazed to hear that Artie Gruber still survives, and learn of their next match against the Bushido Blades!
Genre Science Fiction
Script Tom Tully
Pencils Dave Gibbons
Inks Dave Gibbons
Letters Dave Gibbons
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

5 page Dan Dare story "Hollow World Part 10"

Characters Dan Dare; Rok; Base Commander Tremayne; Big Brother Killer Robots; Chairman Lo-Han; Two of Verath
Synopsis Chairman Lo-Han calls off the security perimeter of the Supreme Council, and tells Dare and Rok that everything is going as planned.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Steve Moore
Pencils Massimo Belardinelli
Inks Massimo Belardinelli
Colors ? (pages 1 and 2 only)
Letters Peter Knight; Bill Nuttall
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

1 page letters page "Nerve Centre"

Synopsis Supercover Saga No. 3 details Space War Three and its repercussions, and Tharg prints a letter and some new reader art.
Script ? [as Tharg the Mighty]
Pencils Trevor Goring; Kevin O'Neill; ?
Inks Trevor Goring; Kevin O'Neill; ?
Letters Typeset

5 page M.A.C.H. 1 story "Recluse"

Characters Harold Howes; John Probe; Miranda
Synopsis John Probe must investigate the cause of four missing athletes, all mysteriously called to multi-millionaire Harold Howes' home.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Nick Allen
Pencils Carlos
Inks Carlos
Letters John Aldrich
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

1 page advertisement "Advertisements"

Synopsis Ads for the 2000 AD Summer Special and the Air Training Corps.

5 page Judge Dredd story "The Solar Sniper"

Characters Gorilla; Judge Carter (death); Grand Judge; Judge Dredd
Synopsis Judges are dying by Gorilla's solar gun, but when Dredd's death note comes up, he arranges a special day for the lawbreaker.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Gerry Finley-Day
Pencils Ron Turner
Inks Ron Turner
Colors ? (page 5 only)
Letters Jack Potter
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.