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Issue Details

Issue #356
Published June 1985
Cover Price $0.65
Pages 36
Editing Mark Gruenwald

Cover Details

Characters Thor; Hercules
Genre superhero; fantasy
Pencils Bob Layton
Inks Jackson Guice
Reprinted in Thor vs. Hercules (Marvel, 2010 series) #[nn]

22 page Thor story "The Power and the Pride"

Characters FEATURE: Thor; GUESTS: Hercules; Jarvis; INTRODUCING: Matthew Linden; Tony and his gang
Synopsis Hercules tries to resolve a dispute between some boys as to who is stronger, he or Thor; embellishment ensues.
Genre superhero; fantasy
Script Bob Harras
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Bob Layton
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters John Workman, Jr.
Notes Thor only appears in a phony story told by Hercules.
Reprinted in Thor vs. Hercules (Marvel, 2010 series) #[nn]