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Issue Details

Issue #421
Published Late August 1990
Cover Price 1.00
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio

Cover Details - "The Black Galaxy Saga: The Secret of Stellaris!"

Characters Thor vs. Stellaris
Genre superhero; fantasy
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Joe Sinnott

17 page Thor story "... And If Gods Are Men... [The Black Galaxy Saga]"

Characters F: Thor; GS: Hercules, Avengers--Captain America, Quasar, She-Hulk, Sersi; Vs. Stellaris
Genre superhero; fantasy
Script Ron Frenz (Co-plot), Tom DeFalco
Pencils Ron Frenz (layouts)
Inks Joe Sinnott (finished art)
Colors George Roussos
Letters Mike Heisler

5 page Tales of Asgard story "When Winter Comes, It Kills"

Genre fantasy
Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Gary Hartle
Inks Mike DeCarlo
Colors Nel Yomtov
Letters Jim Novak