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Issue Details

Issue #87
Published January 2001
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 36
Editing Pete Franco (Assistant); Mark Powers

Cover Details

Characters Cable; Rogue; Mystique
Genre superhero
Pencils Michael Ryan
Inks Andrew Pepoy
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Typeset

23 page Cable story "Dream's End Part II: Life Decisions"

Characters FEATURE: Cable; GUESTS: Rogue; Beast; Gambit; Colossus; Senator Robert Kelly; VILLAINS: Post; Blob; Avalanche; Mastermind II; Pyro (Death)
Synopsis Cable and his X-Buddies try to save Senator Kelly from being killed at the hands of the Brotherhood; Dying of the Legacy Virus, Pyro intervenes.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Weinberg
Pencils Michael Ryan
Inks Rick Ketcham; Ted Pertzborn
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft; Saida Temofonte
Notes Cont. from Uncanny X-Men #388; Cont. in Bishop: The Last X-Man #16.