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Issue Details

Issue #362
Published December 1985
Cover Price 0.65 USD; 0.75 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Craig Anderson (assistant editor); Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)
Notes Signature dated 6-25-1985.

Cover Details

Characters the Executioner; Thor; Toothgnasher; Toothgrinder
Genre superhero; fantasy
Pencils Walter Simonson (signed)
Inks Walter Simonson (signed)
Notes Signature dated 6-25-1985.
Reprinted in Thor God-Size Special (Marvel, 2009 series) #1

22 page Thor story "Like a Bat Out of Hel!"

Characters Agnar; Balder the Brave; the Executioner; Garm; Harokin; Hela; Modgud; Mordonna (also disguised as the Enchantress); Thor; Toothgnasher; Toothgrinder
Synopsis The Asgardians race to leave the realm of Hel with Hela's minions hot on their trail, but the Executioner ensures their escape with his life.
Genre superhero; fantasy
Script Walter Simonson
Pencils Walter Simonson
Inks Walter Simonson
Colors Christie Scheele [as Max Scheele]
Letters John Workman [as John Workman Jr.]
Notes Continued in part in Balder the Brave #2 (January 1986).
Reprinted in Thor (Play Press, 1991 series) #8 (September 1991) [Italy]; in Thor God-Size Special (Marvel, 2009 series) #1

1 page letters page "The Hammer Strikes!"

Script various
Letters typeset