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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published January 1993
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Brian Augustyn (Editor); Ruben Diaz (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details - "Deadly in Darkness!"

Characters Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Parobeck ?
Inks Mike Machlan ?

21 page Justice Society of America story "Give Me Liberty ..."

Characters Justice Society of America [Hawkgirl [Shiera Sanders]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; The Atom [Al Pratt]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Johnny Thunder; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Sandman [Wes Dodds]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]]; unnamed Nazi female villain; Blitzkrieg; Franklin D. Roosevelt (flashback); Nancy (flashback); Jesse Chambers; Joan Garrick; Molly Scott; Kiku; Julio; Pol St. Germain; King Cahuena; Red O'Reilly
Synopsis The JSA and their entourage head to Bahdnesia to investigate the mystery of the missing Bahdnesians and find a country transformed into a utopia for tourists. There, Wildcat gets involved in a butal prize fight, while Dr. Mid-Nite does some sleuthing.
Genre superhero
Script Len Strazewski
Pencils Mike Parobeck
Inks Mike Machlan; Carlos Garzon
Colors Glenn Whitmore
Letters Bob Pinaha

2 page Society Pages letters page

Script Ruben Diaz (responses)
Letters typeset

2 page Justice Society of America illustration "Special Justice Society Pin-Up"

Characters Justice Society of America [Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Black Canary [Dinah Drake]; Sandman [Wes Dodds]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; The Atom [Al Pratt]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mike Parobeck
Inks Mike Sellers
Notes Actually shows Jay and Alan in plainclothes and all the heroes' outfits on apparent mannequins. Pin-up appears between the two pages of the letters column.