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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published December 1973
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.20 USD
Pages 36
Editing Roy Thomas

Cover Details - "Watch Out, World!! The Colossus Lives Again!"

Characters It, the Living Colossus; Bob O'Bryan
Genre Monsters
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks Mike Esposito
Letters Gaspar Saladino
Notes Letters credit from George Olshevsky's Marvel Comics Index #7B, the cover is also reprinted as page 10 panel 3 of the story in Astonishing Tales #24.

15 page It! The Living Colossus! story "It!"

Characters It, the Living Colossus; Dr. Aloysius Vault (First Appearance; Villain); Bob O'Bryan; Dorian Delazny (Introduction); Diane Cummings; Grant Marshall; Dr. Braun (Introduction); Daniel; a Gargoyle creature from Stonus Five (named in the next issue)
Synopsis Bob O'Bryan is a successful special effects man whose legs are broken by a vengeful actor on his series. He then finds that he can take over the body of It, the Living Colossus when it is kidnapped from his set by Dr. Vault, however, there is a time limit to how long he can control the body.
Genre Monsters
Script Tony Isabella
Pencils Dick Ayers
Inks Dick Ayers
Colors Linda Lessmann
Letters Dick Ayers [as R.B. Ayers]
Notes Revival of Colossus from Tales Of Suspense (Marvel, 1959 series) #14 and #20 (stories reprinted in Monsters On the Prowl (Marvel, 1971 series) #17 and #25). Bob O'Bryan, Diane Cummings and Grant Marshall were introduced in the Colossus story from Tales of Suspense #20 (reprinted in Monsters On the Prowl #25). According to the text article in Astonishing Tales #22 (Kings and Things To Take By Storm by Tony Isabella) Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman and Don McGregor all helped put this story together.

5 page story "The Man Who Captured Death!"

Characters Death; Tom
Synopsis A dying man traps Death to save himself but soon finds that Death actually brings peace to things and is needed to keep things running smoothly.
Genre Occult
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Steve Ditko
Letters Artie Simek
Notes Job number from the Atlas Tales website.
Reprinted from Amazing Adult Fantasy (Marvel, 1961 series) #9 (February 1962)

1 page Marvel Bullpen Bulletins; Mighty Marvel Checklist; FOOM promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins: Monumental Memorandums of Mice and Marveldom! [December 1973]; Mighty Marvel Checklist; The Ultimate Fan Club!"

Script ? (promo copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Items about how martial arts is coming to Marvel with Shang-Chi-Master of Kung Fu (the son of Fu Manchu) by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin, Uncanny Tales, The Dead of Night and Weird Wonder Tales are debuting, the address to give your college bookstore if they aren't carrying the latest Marvel masterworks, Crazy #2 features satire by none other than Art Buchwald, FOOM is shipping out the third issue, a cryptic message about an upcoming Marvel event which can be decoded with the Spider-Man code and the sad news that Syd Shores has passed away. Marvel checklist for comics listed with a synopsis are Dracula Lives #4, Tales of the Zombie #3, Savage Tales #3, Crazy #2, Fantastic Four #141, Spider-Man #127, Avengers #118, Captain America & the Falcon #168, Daredevil #106, Fear #19, Werewolf By Night #11, Marvel Team-Up #16, Doc Savage #8, Astonishing Tales #21, Marvel Double Feature #1, Marvel Spotlight #13 and Master of Kung Fu. Also includes a small advertisement for FOOM Magazine. Appears between pages 2 and 3 of the second story sequence.

1 page Spider-Man Medallion Coin advertisement "A Genuine Spider-Man Medallion-Coin"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]
Script ? (ad copy)
Notes An advertisement for a Spider-Man Medallion Coin, Coin Holder, Keychains and Neckchains.