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Issue Details

Issue #37
Published February 2006
Cover Price $2.50
Pages 36
Editing Peter Tomasi; Michael Siglain (asst. editor)

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Aquaman; Spectre
Genre Superhero
Pencils Patrick Gleason
Inks Prentis Rollins

22 page Aquaman story "All Fall Down"

Characters Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; Tempest [Garth]; Mera; Aquagirl [Lorena Marquez]; Spectre; Koryak; Hagen; Vulko; Dolphin; Cerdian; Alonzo Malrey; Esther Maris; Black Manta; Eel; Ocean Master [Orm Marius]; King Shark; Marauder; Sea Wolf
Synopsis The Spectre's rampage against all magic in the DCU brings him to Atlantis, and the whole nation faces destruction unless Tempest can stop him! Meanwhile, unaware that his native land is under attack, Aquaman must deal with the new, improved Black Manta! [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script John Arcudi
Pencils Leonard Kirk
Inks Andy Clarke
Colors Nathan Eyring
Letters Travis Lanham
Notes Infinite Crisis cross-over