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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published Summer 1980
Cover Price 2.00 USD
Pages 100
Editing Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Roy Thomas, Maggie Thompson, Don Thompson
Notes Letterers: Michael Higgins, Jim Novak, Tom Orzechowski, Rick Parker, Irv Watanabe / Letter page (2)

Cover Details

Pencils Richard Corben (signed / painted)
Colors Richard Corben
Notes Letterers: Michael Higgins, Jim Novak, Tom Orzechowski, Rick Parker, Irv Watanabe / Letter page (2)

2 page Overview text article

Script Archie Goodwin
Letters typeset
Notes textpiece on contributors to Epic Illustrated

18 page Almuric story

Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Tim Conrad (signed)
Inks Tim Conrad
Colors Tim Conrad
Notes Robert E. Howard adaptation
Reprinted in Almuric (Dark Horse, 1991 series) #nn

2 page text story "Hope's End"

Script Marv Wolfman
Pencils Daina Graziunas (signed / painted)
Colors Daina Graziunas
Notes illustrated poem

8 page story "Monkey See"

Script Steve Bissette; Rick Veitch (plot)
Pencils Steve Bissette (signed); Rick Veitch (signed)
Inks Steve Bissette; Rick Veitch
Colors Steve Bissette; Rick Veitch

1 page story "Sequence"

Script Vicente Alcazar
Pencils Vicente Alcazar (signed)
Inks Vicente Alcazar
Colors Vicente Alcazar

5 page text article "Fantasy and the Fantastic in European Comics"

Script Maurice Horn
Pencils Philippe Druillet; Rene Pello; Guido Crepax; Pedrocchi; Djordje Lobacev; Jean Giraud; E. P. Jacob
Letters typeset
Notes Textpiece with art by Philippe Druillet, Rene Pello, Guido Crepax, Pedrocchi, Djordje Lobacev, Jean Giraud, E. P. Jacob.

8 page Metamorphosis Odyssey story "Whis' par (Chapter IV)"

Genre science fiction
Script James P. Starlin
Pencils James P. Starlin (painted)
Colors James P. Starlin

8 page story "Siegfried and the Dragon"

Script P. Craig Russell
Pencils P. Craig Russell (signed)
Inks P. Craig Russell
Colors P. Craig Russell
Letters P. Craig Russell; Mary E. Gordon
Notes Richard Wagner adaptation

7 page text article "Fear and Affection in Outer Space"

Script Steve Swires
Pencils Fred Hope; Dave Pelsu
Letters typeset
Notes Interview with Glen A. Larson with art by Fred Hope and Dave Pelsu.

4 page story "Sinner"

Script Archie Goodwin
Pencils Archie Goodwin
Inks Archie Goodwin
Reprinted from Witzend (Wallace Wood, 1966 series) #1

8 page story "Seven Moons' Light Casts Complex Shadows"

Script Samuel R. Delany
Pencils Howard Chaykin
Inks Howard Chaykin
Colors Howard Chaykin

10 page story "Tarn's World"

Script Archie Goodwin
Pencils Robert Wakelin
Inks Robert Wakelin

6 page story "The True Game"

Script Ernie Colon
Pencils Ernie Colon
Inks Ernie Colon