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Issue Details

Issue #38
Published January 1996
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Eddie Berganza [as Eddie "Love 'em & Leave 'em" Berganza]; Curtis King (cover editor); Mark Chiarello (cover editor)

Cover Details

Characters Martika; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Buck Wargo; Warrior [Guy Gardner]; Tiger-Man [Desmond Carr]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Marty Egeland (signed)
Inks Dan Davis (signed)
Colors Scott Baumann; Heroic Age

21 page Warrior [Guy Gardner] story "Seduction of the Not So Innocent"

Characters Warrior [Guy Gardner]; Arisia; Buck Wargo; Joey Hong; Lady Blackhawk [Zinda Blake]; Lead; Rita Muldoon; Tiger-Man [Desmond Carr]; Veronna; Ted Grant [Wildcat]; Patrick (first appearance); VILLAINS: Earthworm [Herbert Hynde]; Martika (first appearance)
Synopsis Guy returns from outer space, Tiger-Man, Veronna and Arisia track down Earthworm and Martika appears, and she has her eye on Guy.
Genre Superhero
Script Beau Smith [as Beau "Romeo" Smith]
Pencils Marc Campos [as Marc "Casanova" Campos] (pages 1-17); Tom Grindberg [as Tom "El Guapo" Grindberg] (pages 18-21)
Inks Dan Davis [as Dan "Don Juan" Davis]
Colors Lee Loughridge [as Lee "Lover Boy" Loughridge]
Letters Albert DeGuzman [as Albert "Lady Killer" DeGuzman]

1 page Dotting the Eyes letters page "Dotting the Eyes"

Script ? [as Guy Gardner]
Pencils Mitch Byrd (logo); Joe Phillips
Inks Dan Davis
Colors Scott Baumann; Heroic Age
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Gregory Kenfield, Sean Salisbury, Franco Mills, Mike O'Leary and Tom Crihenen - and responses from Guy Gardner. Preview of cover to GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR #39.