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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published March 1997
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Robert Graff
Notes Based on the Warner Bros. TV cartoon series

Cover Details - "Animaniacs"

Characters Hello Nurse
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Leonard Batic (signed)
Inks Horacio Ottolini (signed)

12 page Animaniacs story "Hello Nurse, Agent of H.U.B.B.A."

Characters Hello Nurse; Wakko (cameo); Yakko (cameo); Dot (cameo); Dr. Otto Von Scratchansniff (cameo)
Genre Funny Animal; Satire
Script Sean Carolan; Jennifer Moore
Pencils Leonardo Batic
Inks Horacio Ottolini
Colors Demetrius Bassoukos

1 page Useless Facts filler "The Eyes Name It"

Characters Wakko; Yakko; Dot; Hello Nurse
Genre funny animal
Pencils Neal Sternecky (signed)
Inks Neal Sternecky (signed)

10 page Animaniacs story "Wakko for President"

Characters Wakko; Yakko; Dot
Synopsis The key topic of the Presidential Debate: Pizza Reform Policies.
Genre Funny Animal
Script Mark McKain
Pencils Omar Aranda (Sol Studio)
Inks Scott McRae
Colors Jo Meugniot
Letters Lorina Mapa

1 page Useless Facts filler "Nuts to You!"

Characters Wakko; Yakko; Dot
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Neal Sternecky (signed)
Inks Neal Sternecky (signed)