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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published July 1999
Cover Price 2.50
Pages 36
Editing Kevin Dooley

Cover Details - "It's Not My Fault."

Characters Vext [Patron diety of mishap and misfortune]; Colleen McBride
Genre Humor
Pencils Mike McKone
Inks Mark McKenna
Colors Lovern Kindzierski

22 page Vext story "Love Stinks!"

Characters Colleen McBride; Paramour [Patron diety of relationships gone hellishly wrong]; Vext [Patron diety of mishap and misfortune]; Rypta Gud'n [Patron diety of ill-Timed flatulence]; Aaron Caldwell; Samantha; Louise
Synopsis Vext and Colleen have a heart to heart, as Aaron Caldwell steals the power of a god.
Genre Humor
Script Keith Giffen [as Keith (I Wish I Could Write Like Kevin) Giffen]
Pencils Mike McKone [as Mike (I Wish I Could Draw Like Kevin) McKone]
Inks Mark McKenna [as Mark (I Wish I Could Ink Like Kevin) Mckenna]
Colors Lovern Kindzierski [as Lovern (I Wish I Could Color Like Kevin) Kindzierski]
Letters Bob Lappan [as Bob (I Wish I Could Letter Like Kevin) Lappan

2 page Letters letters page "Vext"

Synopsis A two page letters page.
Genre Humor