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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published October 1999
Cover Price $4.95
Pages 84
Editing Jordan Gorfinkel; Joseph Illidge

Cover Details

Genre Super-Hero
Pencils Damion Scott
Inks Robert Campanella
Colors Patrick Martin

10 page Batman story "Gotham Roulette"

Characters Batman; Two-Face
Genre Super-Hero
Script Jim Alexander
Pencils Karl Waller
Inks Karl Waller
Colors Jason Wright
Letters Albert DeGuzman

10 page Huntress story "Hunting for Answers"

Characters Huntress; Riddler
Genre Super-Hero
Script D.G. Chichester
Pencils N. Steven Harris
Inks Rich Faber
Colors Felix Serrano
Letters John Workman

10 page Batman story "The Lucky Break"

Characters Batman; Penguin
Genre Super-Hero
Script Ben Raab
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Sal Buscema
Colors Laurie Smith
Letters Albert DeGuzman

10 page Nightwing; Robin story "Footsteps"

Characters Nightwing; Tim Drake [Robin]
Genre Super-Hero
Script Ian Edginton
Pencils Steve Pugh
Inks Steve Pugh
Colors Noelle Giddings
Letters Willie Schubert

10 page Batman story "In Clover"

Characters Batman; Poison Ivy
Genre Super-Hero
Script Peter Hogan
Pencils Jordan Raskin
Inks Jordan Raskin
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters John Costanza

10 page Catwoman story "Lucky's Seven"

Characters Catwoman
Genre Super-Hero
Script Janet Harvey (dialogue); Jim Balent (plot)
Pencils Jim Balent
Inks David Roach
Colors Roberta Tewes
Letters Clem Robins

10 page Batman story "A Run of Bad Luck"

Characters Batman; Deadshot; Two-Face
Genre Super-Hero
Script Scott Beatty
Pencils William Rosado
Inks William Rosado
Colors Roberta Tewes
Letters Clem Robins