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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published June 1973
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.20 USD
Pages 36
Editing Roy Thomas

Cover Details - "A Monster Stalks These Streets!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Zabu; Gog; Lord Plunder (Plunderer)
Genre Jungle
Pencils John Romita
Inks John Romita
Letters Morrie Kuramoto
Notes Letters credit from George Olshevsky's Marvel Comics Index #7B.

20 page Ka-Zar story "Gog Cometh!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Zabu; Barbara Morse (Agent 19 of SHIELD); Gemini [Damian Link with Joshua Link's mind controlling] (Villain); Lord Plunder (Villain, Plunderer); Gog; Victor Conrad [Victorius] (Introduction); Nick Fury (Guest Appearance); AIM; Victorius [Victor Conrad] (Introduction, Villain); Spider-Man (Cameo); Captain America [Steve Rogers] (Cameo); Man-Thing (Flashback); Ted Sallis (Flashback)
Synopsis Ka-Zar manages to get the super-soldier serum back from Gemini. Gog uses his alien powers to transport himself away while Gemini and Lord Plunder escape. Professor Victor Conrad takes the original super-soldier serum when SHIELD attempts to destroy his lab and the formula and finds himself transformed into Victorius.
Genre jungle
Script Mike Friedrich
Pencils Dan Adkins
Inks Frank Chiaramonte
Colors Stan Goldberg
Letters Artie Simek

Half page Marvel Bullpen Bulletins promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins: Bite-Size Bits and Beatific Bromides! [June 1973]"

Script ? (promo copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Items about how Stan Lee is so busy that he is going to forego writing his Soapbox for now, Monsters Unleashed is the newest magazine to come out (including a Solomon Kane tale by Robert E. Howard and a werewolf thriller by Robert Bloch), next month we'll talk about Tales of the Zombie and Vampire Tales, a plug for the current Spider-Man super-spectacular and the debut of the new digest-sized magazine called Haunt of Horror edited by Gerry Conway (with help from Roy Thomas and George Alec Effinger) with stories by Fritz Lieber, Harlan Ellison, R.A. Lafferty and others and a cover illustration by Gray Morrow.

Half page FOOM promo (ad from the publisher) "The Ultimate Fan Club!"

Script ? (promo copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Advertisement for a subscription to FOOM describing what is included (a 22" x 28" poster, a membership card, a fistful of stick-ons, full year's subscription to FOOM magazine and a special surprise envelope that everything comes in).

Half page Astonishing Mails letters page "Astonishing Mails"

Letters Typeset
Notes Includes letters from (and answers to) Richard Lyczak, J.B. and Howard L. Miller.

Half page Monsters Unleashed promo (ad from the publisher) "Warning! A Nefarious New, Giant-Size Comic-Mag Has Escaped From the Vaults of Macabre Marvel!"

Script ? (promo copy)
Pencils Pablo Marcos
Inks Pablo Marcos
Notes Advertisement for Monsters Unleashed #1 using a panel from the first story in the issue and a description of the contents.