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Issue Details

Issue #280
Published July 1985
Cover Price 0.65
Pages 36
Editing Michael Carlin; Michael Higgins (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Girl; She-Hulk; Human Torch
Genre superhero
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Jerry Ordway
Letters Typeset

22 page Fantastic Four story "Tell Them All They Love Must Die..."

Characters FEATURE: Fantastic Four--Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Girl; Human Torch; She-Hulk; GUESTS: Wyatt Wingfoot; Alicia Masters; Jarvis; Franklin Richards; VILLAINS: Psycho-Man; Hate Monger; Malice [Invisible Girl]
Synopsis The FF have to face the reprecussions of the Baxter Building being destroyed; Psycho Man transforms Invisible Girl into Malice.
Genre superhero
Script John Byrne
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Jerry Ordway
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters John Workman