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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published February 1974
Cover Price 0.20
Pages 36
Editing Roy Thomas

Cover Details

Characters Morbius
Genre occult
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks Frank Giacoia
Letters Gaspar Saladino

15 page Morbius story "Morbius the Living Vampire!"

Characters V: Daemond; O: Morbius; Spider-Man, The Human Torch, Iceman, The Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Professor X, The X-Men (all in flashback)
Genre occult
Script Mike Friedrich
Pencils Paul Gulacy
Inks Jack Abel
Colors George Roussos
Letters Tom Orzechowski

4 page story "Midnight in the Wax Museum!"

Script Jack Oleck
Pencils Richard Doxsee
Inks Richard Doxsee
Reprinted From Astonishing (Marvel, 1951 series) #61, May 1957