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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published January 1986
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 1.00 CAD; 0.50 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Louise Jones; Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details

Characters Longshot; Magog
Genre superhero
Pencils Arthur Adams
Inks Arthur Adams

24 page Longshot story "Deadly Lies"

Characters Longshot; GUESTS: Butch; Darla; Alfie; Richochet Rita; Dr. Strange; Arize (flashback); Quark; Wong; VILLAINS: Magog; Mojo; Spiral
Synopsis Mojo and Spiral capture Rita and try to use her to locate Longshot; Longshot, a gang of kids and an unlikely ally from Longshot's world, Quark, battle the demonic Magog who has gorged himself on the magic of earth; Longshot discovers that his luck powers have deserted him and he quits the fight in despair; Moping about and generally feeling sorry for himself, he gets another flash of his origin--he was created by the maker, Arize, to be a deadly warrior for the entertainment of the spineless ones but was programmed with a penchant for rebellion; Longshot decides to visit Rita in hopes of getting more answers but finds her home destroyed and Dr. Strange in residence, attracted by the drain of magic on earth; The pair hunt down and battle Magog and are able to destroy the creature Longshot once looked on as his only friend; With Strange's help and reunited with Quark, Longshot decides to take a proactive stance in fixing his messed up life.
Genre superhero
Script Ann Nocenti
Pencils Arthur Adams
Inks Whilce Portacio
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Joe Rosen