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Issue Details

Issue #111
Published August 1963
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Distributed to newstands in May 1963. This issue includes 10 pages of paid advertisements. Distribution date from Joseph Marek's Marvel Comics Group history website.

Cover Details - "How Can the Human Torch Defend Himself Against the Attacks of the Asbestos Man?"

Characters Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Asbestos Man [Professor Orson Kasloff]
Genre superhero
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Notes Stan Goldberg colorist credit removed due to lack of attribution (20/03/2010)
Reprinted in Essential Dr. Strange (Marvel, 2001 series) #1 (December 2001) [black & white]; in Essential Human Torch (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch (Marvel, 2006 series) #1 (2006)

13 page The Human Torch story "Fighting to the Death with the Asbestos Man!"

Characters Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Asbestos Man [Orson Kasloff] (introduction, origin); Blackie Barker; Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]; Thing [Ben Grimm] (cameo); Mister Fantastic [Reed Richards] (cameo)
Synopsis A frustrated scientist invents a fireproof suit in order to impress underworld hoods and become their partner in crime. The Torch is at first unable to defeat him, but with the advice of his sister he calms down and outsmarts the Asbestos Man.
Genre superhero
Script Stan Lee (plot); Ernie Hart [as H. Huntley] (script)
Pencils Dick Ayers
Inks Dick Ayers
Colors Stan Goldberg ?
Letters Sam Rosen [as Sam Harold]
Notes Letterer identified as Sam Rosen under a pseudonym by Jerry Bails.
Reprinted in Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1966 series) #14 (May 1968); in Essential Human Torch (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch (Marvel, 2006 series) #1 (2006)

2 page text story "Masquerade"

Characters Tommy; Kitty Blake; Old King Cole
Synopsis A man with no imagination is invited to a costume party by his girlfriend, but stumbles across real fairy-tale folk instead.
Genre occult
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with illustration.
Reprinted from Journey Into Unknown Worlds (Marvel, 1951 series) #38 (October 1955)

5 page story "Beware--the Machine!!!"

Characters X-200; Jocko
Synopsis A super-intelligent computer is built by American scientists, and attempts to conquer the world. It defends itself against humans, but an organ-grinder's monkey goes un-noticed and unplugs the machine.
Genre science fiction
Script Stan Lee (plot); Larry Lieber (script)
Pencils Larry Lieber
Inks Matt Fox
Letters Artie Simek

5 page Dr. Strange Master of---Black Magic story "Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo!"

Characters Doctor Strange [Stephen Strange]; Baron Mordo [Karl Amadeus Mordo] (introduction) ; Hamir (introduction, unnamed); Ancient One [Yao] (called "the Master")
Synopsis In his castle in Europe, Baron Mordo plots to steal the secrets of his former master, The Ancient One. Sending his spirit form to Tibet, he causes Hamir to poison The Ancient One's food. From his NYC sanctum, Strange senses his master's plight, and challenges Mordo to a battle in their spirit forms. After, The Ancient One warns Strange that Mordo will be a danger to them both, as long as he lives.
Genre superhero
Script Steve Ditko (plot); Stan Lee (script)
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Steve Ditko
Letters Terry Szenics
Notes Doctor Strange next appears in issue #114 (August 1963).
Reprinted in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics (Marvel, 1965 series) #4 (August 1966); in Marvel Treasury Edition (Marvel, 1974 series) #6 (1975); in Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts (Pocket Books, 1978 series) #nn [1]; in Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts (Simon and Schuster, 1979 series) #nn; in Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1966 series) #135 (January 1982); in Marvel Masterworks (Marvel, 1987 series) #23 (1992); in Essential Dr. Strange (Marvel, 2001 series) #1 (December 2001) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003)