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Issue Details

Issue #132
Published May 1965
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "The Sinister Spacetrap!"

Characters Thing [Ben Grimm], Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Prof. Jack; Dr. Strange; Baron Mordo
Genre Super-hero; Occult
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Mike Esposito
Colors Stan Goldberg
Reprinted in Essential Dr. Strange (Marvel, 2001 series) #1 (December 2001) [black & white]; in Essential Human Torch (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch (Marvel, 2006 series) #2

12 page Human Torch and Thing story "The Sinister Spacetrap!"

Characters Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Thing [Ben Grimm]; Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Mr. Pearson (N.A.S.A.); Professor Jack; Doris Evans
Synopsis Sometime after the FF visit the Skrull home world, Mr. Pearson of NASA pays a visit to tell them of a security risk, Professor Jack. Doris gets upset after Johnny stands her up for the 113th time. Posing as "Doug Brown", Johnny acts as Jack's assistant, in order to keep an eye on him. Good thing, too, as sabotaging the space program is on his agenda.
Genre Super-hero
Script Stan Lee (plot); Bob Powell (plot); Larry Ivie (dialogue)
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks Mike Esposito [as M. Demeo]
Colors Stan Goldberg
Letters Sam Rosen
Editing Stan Lee
Reprinted in Daredevil (Marvel, 1964 series) #81 (November 1971); in Essential Human Torch (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch (Marvel, 2006 series) #2; in Fantastici Quattro, I (Editoriale Corno, 1971 series) #33

10 page Dr. Strange story "Face-to-Face at Last With Baron Mordo!"

Characters Dr. Strange; The Demon; The Ancient One; Hamir (unnamed); Baron Mordo; Dormammu; Clea (unnamed); Clea's father (unnamed)
Synopsis Strange reaches Greenwich Village safely, but discovers "one of Mordo's Demons" has taken over his sanctum! In a hidden cave in Tibet, The Ancient One's servant wonders what his near-unconscious master refers to by "Eternity". Using a disguise from a costume shop, Strange bluffs his way into his own house. But when he tries to consult the "All-Seeing Eye", he finds out it's been mystically booby-trapped, sending a signal to Mordo & Dormammu of his whereabouts! Clea wonders about the "Dread One"'s intentions, and senses Strange must be in danger. Mordo arrives and battles Strange fiercely. As Strange is about to use a potent spell, Dormammu speaks thru his "partner", and Strange suddenly realizes who is behind the attacks-- just before he vanishes from sight...
Genre Occult
Script Steve Ditko (plot); Stan Lee (dialogue)
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Steve Ditko
Colors Stan Goldberg
Letters Artie Simek
Notes Part 3 of 17. Though not indicated in the dialogue, The Demon is the same villain last seen in STRANGE TALES #128 (January 1965).
Reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics (Marvel, 1969 series) #23 (October 1969); in Strange Tales (Marvel, 1973 series) #184 (March 1976); in Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts (Pocket Books, 1978 series) #2; in Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts (Simon and Schuster, 1979 series) #nn; in Doctor Strange Classics Starring Doctor Strange (Marvel, 1984 series) #1 (March 1984); in Marvel Masterworks (Marvel, 1987 series) #23 (1992); in Essential Dr. Strange (Marvel, 2001 series) #1 (December 2001) [black & white]; in Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange (Marvel, 2003 series) #1 (2003)