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Issue Details

Issue #54
Published February 1986
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD; 0.35 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Roy Thomas; Janice Race (associate)

Cover Details

Characters All-Star Squadron [Batman (Earth-2); Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; The Flash [Jay Garrick]; Amazing-Man; Tarantula]; Monster Society of Evil [Oom]
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Clark
Inks Tony deZuniga ?
Notes Special Crisis Cross-over banner. Cover art credits from The All-Star Companion Vol. 2.

23 page All-Star Squadron story "The Crisis Comes to 1942! (and Vice Versa)"

Characters All-Star Squadron [Amazing-Man; Superman (Earth-2); Shining Knight; Winged Victory; Hawkgirl [Shiera Sanders]; Sandy the Golden Boy; Robotman [Robert Crane]; Dr. Occult; Guardian; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Batman (Earth-2); Robin (Earth-2); Wonder Woman (Earth-2, cameo); Spectre (flashback); Hawkman [Carter Hall] (flashback); Atom [Al Pratt] (flashback); Sandman [Wesley Dodds] (flashback); Johnny Thunder (Earth-2, flashback); Dr. Mid-Nite (flashback); Plastic Man (flashback); Phantom Lady (flashback); The Ray (flashback); Doll Man (flashback); Black Condor (flashback); Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson] (flashback); Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; The Flash [Jay Garrick]; Liberty Belle (cameo); Johnny Quick [Johnny Chambers] (cameo); Star-Spangled Kid (cameo); Tarantula (cameo)]; Gernsback; Harbinger (flashback); Monster Society of Evil [Oom; Mr. Who; Nyola; Ramulus; The Dummy]; Joan Williams (cameo); Alexander Luthor (Earth-3, cameo); Creeper (cameo); Blok ? (cameo); Blue Beetle [Ted Kord] (cameo); Sun Boy (cameo); Supergirl (Cameo); Martian Manhunter (cameo); Firestorm (cameo); Trigger Twins [Walt Trigger; Wayne Trigger] (cameo); Miss Liberty (cameo); Don Caballero (cameo); Super-Chief (cameo); Silent Knight (cameo); Viking Prince (cameo); Golden Gladiator (cameo); Valda, the Iron Maiden (cameo); Black Pirate [Jon Valor] (cameo); Black Pirate [Justin Valor] (cameo); The Roving Ranger (cameo); Tomahawk (flashback)
Synopsis The Monster Society is taken over by Oom, as he becomes the new leader, tossing Mr. Mind's craft into space, as it later lands on Earth-S. Oom is destroyed and the Monster Society (renamed Society of Oom by Oom himself) is defeated by the Squadron when the Dummy tells Green Lantern to focus his ring on Oom's chest to extract the crimson jewel buried inside his body.
Genre superhero
Script Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas (co-plotter)
Pencils Mike Clark (pp. 1-6, 8-17); Arvell Jones (pp. 18-23); Jerry Acerno (p. 7)
Inks Alfredo Alcala (pp. 1-6, 8-17); Vince Colletta (pp. 18-23); Jerry Acerno (p. 7)
Colors Carl Gafford
Letters David C. Weiss
Notes Crisis Cross-Over. Story continued from previous issue; story continues in next issue. Jerry Acerno page originally prepared as a pin-up for the "Golden Age Gallery" feature.

2 page All-Star Squadroom letters page

Characters All-Star Squadron [Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; Robotman [Robert Crane]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; The Flash [Jay Garrick] (flashback); Liberty Belle (flashback); Hawkman [Carter Hall] (flashback)
Genre superhero
Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Mike Harris (corrected panel)
Inks Vince Colletta (corrected panel)
Letters typeset; David Cody Weiss (corrected panel)
Notes Includes letters reviewing recent issues of All-Star Squadron, errata for Who's Who in the DC Universe (DC, 1985 series) #1-8, and a corrected last panel to the story in All-Star Squadron #49, inserting Hawkman in the tale.