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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published November 2002
Cover Price $2.50/$4.25 CND
Pages 36
Editing Morgan Dontanville (Assistant); Bob Schreck
Notes Painted Cover

Cover Details - "The Archer's Quest Part Two"

Characters Green Arrow [Green Arrow]; Arsenal [Roy Hasrper]; The Shade
Genre superhero
Pencils Matt Wagner
Inks Matt Wagner
Colors Matt Wagner
Notes Painted Cover

23 page Green Arrow story "The Archer's Tale Chapter Two: Grays of Shade"

Characters FEATURE: Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; GUESTS: Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Black Canary [Dinah Lance]; Oracle [Barbara Gordon] (Voice Only); VILLAINS: The Shade; Cat-Man [Thomas Blake]; Solomon Grundy; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Flash [Barry Allen]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Wonder Woman [Diana]; Flash [Wally West]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Spectre; Carol Ferris; Ace
Synopsis Shade and GA explain to Arsenal that Ollie had a deal that the shadowy villain would clean up Ollie's life and destroy all links to his secret ID in case of his death (thus, Cat-Man was hired to be at GA's funeral); Shade admits to not being able to find the Arrow Cave so GA and Speedy race off to check out their old haunt; They find the secret base in shambles complete with resident Solomon Grundy.
Genre superhero
Script Brad Meltzer
Pencils Phil Hester
Inks Ande Parks
Colors James Sinclair
Letters Sean Konot
Notes GA Quote of the Month: O: "Welcome back to the Arrowcave." R: "Arrowcave--Please. I should have killed Dick when he first called it that." O: "You liked the name." R: "I was thirteen." O: "You still liked it." R: "Yeah, least we didn't wear utility belts." (Ollie and Roy bantering on entering the Arrowcave for the first time in many years).

12 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Birds of Prey (tv); [5] Magic: The Gathering Online; [6] Gungrave; [16-17] Turok: Evolution (game); [21] Dead to Rights; [22] Firefly; [25] The Thing (game); [29] (c-12) Final Resistance; [30] In house -- Green Arrow Secret Files & Origins; [inside back] US Army; [back] Blade & Blade II (DVD)