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Issue #1
Published November 1986
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD; 0.40 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Bob Budiansky (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Psi-Force [Michael Crawley; Kathy Ling; Wayne Tucker; Tyrone Jessup; Stasi Inyushin]; Psi-Hawk
Genre superhero
Pencils Mark Texeira

25 page Psi-Force story "Hour of the Wolf!"

Characters Michael "Creepy" Crawley (introduction); Anastasia "Stasi" Inyushin (introduction); Tyrone Jessup (introduction); Kathy Ling (introduction); Wayne Tucker (introduction); Emmett "Hawk" Proudhawk (introduction, dies); Psi-Hawk (introduction); Colby Shaw (introduction); Serge Vladimiroff (introduction, villain); Mindwolf [Mikhail] (introduction, villain); Mr. Inyushin (introduction, flashback, dies); Mrs. Inyushin (introduction, flashback, dies); Aunt Masha (introduction, flashback, dies); Uncle Yakob (introduction, flashback, dies); Emily Proudhawk (introduction, flashback)
Synopsis Kathy Ling and Tyrone Jessup help Anastasia "Stasi" Inyushin and former C.I.A. agent, Emmett Proudhawk, escape the K.G.B. They bring her to Sanctuary, which is run by Colby Shaw, where she meets Wayne Tucker and Michael Crawley. Emmett explains to the five teens how they need to protect each other, but Stasi feels that she is placing the others in danger by remaining. She contacts KGB agent, Serge Vladimiroff, to turn herself in, but Emmett and the others follow her. During the confrontation with the KGB, Emmett is killed by Mindwolf. Wayne then leads the others to summon the Psi-Hawk, a gestalt psychic construct, for the first time. The Psi-Hawk takes out Mindwolf and the five teens decide to stay together.
Genre superhero
Script Steve Perry
Pencils Mark Texeira
Inks Kyle Baker
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Jim Novak

1 page Universe News promo (ad from the publisher) "Universe News"

Script Jim Shooter
Letters typeset