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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published November 1983
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Archie Goodwin

Cover Details

Characters Dreadstar; Dr. Anton A. Lanstrom Mezlo
Genre science fiction
Pencils Jim Starlin
Inks Jim Starlin
Colors Glynis Wein

1 page story

Characters Archie Goodwin
Script Archie Goodwin
Pencils Archie Goodwin
Notes Inside front cover.

22 page Dreadstar story "Mindtrap"

Characters INTRO: Dr. Mezlo; Willow; Dreadstar; Syzygy
Synopsis Willow saves Dreadstar from a trap set by Mezlo. Z kills King Gregzor. Aknaton's grave is found to be empty.
Genre science fiction
Script Jim Starlin
Pencils Jim Starlin
Inks Josef Rubinstein
Colors Glynis Wein
Letters Jim Novak

8 page The Interstellar Toybox story "Evolutionary Dilemma!"

Characters Aldo Gorney; Farquat.
Synopsis Aldo Gorney accidentally devolves Scooter, a lizard, into a Stegosaurus, and then gets him sucked outside of the spaceship where he is flash-frozen and planned as a food supply.
Script Bernie Wrightson
Pencils Bernie Wrightson
Inks Bernie Wrightson
Notes Second and last episode of this satiric farce.

1 page photo story "How to Write and Draw Good Comics"

Characters Jim Starlin; Daina Graziunas
Script Jim Starlin; Daina Graziunas
Pencils ? (photos)
Inks ? (photos)
Notes A short humorous photographic feature (with cartoon captions) that features Jim Starlin and Daina Graziunas and appears on the inside back cover.

1 page Dreadstar illustration

Characters Willow
Pencils Jim Starlin
Inks Jim Starlin
Notes Back cover.