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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published April 2001
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 4.25 CAD
Pages 40
Editing Michael Wright (Associate); Bob Schreck
Notes 1st Green Arrow Comic since GA #1,000,000 (Nov 1998)

Cover Details - "Quiver Part 1"

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]
Genre superhero
Pencils Matt Wagner
Inks Matt Wagner
Colors Matt Wagner
Notes Painted Cover

22 page Green Arrow story "Quiver Chapter One: The Queen is Dead (Long Live the Queen)"

Characters FEATURE: Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; GUESTS: Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Black Canary [Dinah Lance]; Oracle [Barbara Gorgon] (Voice only), Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Parallax [Hal Jordan]; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Stanley Dover; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Robin [Dick Grayson]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Lian; Shado; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Flash [Wally West]; Wonder Woman [Diana]; Key
Synopsis Batman and Superman stand on the verge of the Final Night when Supes feels something strange take place (courtesy of Parallax); Arsenal, Black Canary and Connor reminisce about their lives with Ollie; A bedraggled (yet familiar) bowman saves an old man from a mugging in Star City.
Genre superhero
Script Kevin Smith
Pencils Phil Hester
Inks Ande Parks
Colors Guy Major
Letters Sean Konot
Notes First five pages (the resurrection sequence) are a flashback and take place during the "Final Night" story (sequence has direct parallels in Green Arrow #137 and Parallax: Emerald Night #1); A relatively "quiet" issue told primarily in flashback; GA Quote of the Month: "What's the matter, Chum? You look like you've seen a ghost."
Reprinted in Green Arrow: Quiver (DC, 2002 series) #nn; in Green Arrow: Quiver (DC, 2003 series) #nn

1 page Arrow Heads letters page "Arrow Heads"

Genre superhero
Script Kevin Smith
Pencils Matt Wagner
Inks Matt Wagner
Colors Matt Wagner
Letters Typeset
Notes Kevin Smith talks about the new Green Arrow project; Cover art for issue #2

16 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Snickers; [5] Oni (game); [6] Farscape (DVD); [9] Think Don't Smoke (PSA); [10] Tang; [14] Corn Nuts Sweepstakes entry form (1/3 page) & In house -- Green Arrow, Superboy's Legion (2/3 page); [15] Corn Nuts Sweepstakes; [18-19] Sim Coaster; [21] Twix; [23] Portal Runner; [27] Mario Tennis; [28] My Anti-Drug (PSA); [33] Bose; [inside back] Skittles; [back] got chocolate milk