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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published December 1997
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 74
Editing Matt Idelson (editor); Paul Tutrone (assistant editor)
Notes Gatefold Marvel Universe Guide front cover. Heroes Reborn mini booklet bound into the centerfold. Statement of Ownership average # of copies in preceding 12 months: 151,600.

Cover Details

Characters Deadpool; Weasel
Genre superhero; humor
Pencils Pete Woods
Inks Nathan Massengill
Notes Cover is an homage to the cover of Amazing Fantasy (Marvel, 1961 series) #15.

2 page Deadpool recap "What's Up With the Merc With a Mouth"

Genre superhero; humor
Pencils Various
Inks Various
Colors Various
Letters Typeset
Notes Information on the story and characters; Design by Comicraft's John Marasigan.

50 page Deadpool story "With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence"

Characters FEATURE: Deadpool; GUESTS: Blind Al; Weasel; Spider-Man; Aunt May; Anna Watson; Mary Jane Watson; Gwen Stacy; Flash Thompson; Harry Osborn; Norman Osborn; Betty Brant; Ned Leeds; J. Jonah Jameson; John Jameson; Watcher; Lightning Rods [Great Lakes Avengers]--Flatman; Mr. Immortal; Doorman; Big Bertha; Dinah Soar; VILLAIN: Kraven
Synopsis In the present, Weasel and the Great Lakes Avengers try to figure out how to bring DP and Al back through time; In the past, Deadpool uses his image inducer to impersonate Peter Parker (Al gets to play a very grumpy Aunt May) and try to convince a young and nerdy Weasel to fix his teleporter so he can get back to the future; Kraven the Hunter and a swinging party with Peter's pals get in the way but DP is able to manipulate Weasel into helping him, and all he has to do is wreck his buddy's life and future well being to do so; DP and Al make it back to 1997 with the timeline intact as a nervous Watcher collapses in relief.
Genre superhero; humor
Script Joe Kelly; Al Milgrom; Joe Sinnot
Pencils Pete Woods; John Romita
Inks Nathan Massengill; John Romita
Colors Chris Sotomayor (color); Digital Chameleon (enhancement)
Letters Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Emerson Miranda
Notes The title page is a spoof of the movie poster for Forrest Gump, a movie where Tom Hank's character was cleverly edited into historical footage; In much the same way, Deadpool, Al and a young Weasel are drawn into the events of Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 1963 series) #47 for the "past" sequences of this story.

11 page Spider-Man story "In the Hands of the Hunter!"

Characters FEATURE: Spider-Man; GUESTS: Aunt May; Anna Watson; Mary Jane Watson; Gwen Stacy; Flash Thompson; Harry Osborn; Betty Brant; Ned Leeds; J. Jonah Jameson; John Jameson; VILLAINS: Kraven; Green Goblin [Norman Osborn]; CAMEO: Watcher
Synopsis Peter tries to attend a groovy party with his pals in honor of Flash leaving for the military, but Kraven harshes their mellow as he crashes the party looking for Norman Osborn.
Genre superhero
Script Joe Kelly (pg. 1); Stan Lee
Pencils Pete Woods (pg. 1); John Romita
Inks Nathan Massengill (pg. 1); John Romita
Colors Chris Sotomayor (pg. 1); Andy Yanchus
Letters Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Emerson Miranda (pg. 1); Sam Rosen
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Page one is an introduction by the Watcher who is holding a copy of ASM #47; Presents the story Deadpool invaded this issue in its original form; Two pages reprinted on each page.
Reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man, The (Marvel, 1963 series) #47 (April 1967)