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Issue #[nn]
Published February 1996
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Marts (Assistant Editor); Nelson Yomtov (Editor); Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Genre Superhero
Pencils Hector Collazo
Inks Ralph Cabrera
Letters John Costanza
Notes Wraparound cover

32 page Iron Man story "Age of Innocence"

Characters Tony Stark [Iron Man]; GUESTS: Hank Pym; Edwin Jarvis; Happy Hogan; Pepper Potts-Hogan; Captain America; Hawkeye; Marianne Rodgers; CAMEOS: Thor; Hercules; Black Widow; Deathcry; Quicksilver; Crystal; Beast; Vision; Scarlet Witch; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Professor Yinsen; Mr. Fantastic; The Thing; Human Torch; Korvac; Thanos; Daredevil; Wasp; Magneto; Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Iceman; Loki; Hulk; Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell]; Moondragon; Jocasta; Namor, the Sub-Mariner; Kang; Mantis; Kathy Dare; Meredith McCall; Janice Cord; Gretl Anders; Su Yin; Whitney Frost; Bethany Cabe; Madame Masque; Blacklash; Mandarin; The Ghost; Jack Frost; Controller
Synopsis As the young Tony Stark lies at death's door after being blasted by his adult counterpart, Jarvis, Pepper and Happy wait and watch at his bedside as the reminisce about Iron Man's past; Tony is visited by visions of past loves and old enemies and this gives him the resolve to return to the land of the living and carry on as Iron Man.
Genre Superhero
Script Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Hector Collazo; Al Rio
Inks Ralph Cabrera; Rene Micheletti
Colors Joe Rosas
Letters Phil Felix