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Issue Details

Issue #296
Published November 1986
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 68
Editing Michael Carlin

Cover Details

Characters Thing
Genre superhero
Pencils Barry Windsor-Smith
Inks Barry Windsor-Smith
Notes Cover is done in Marvel's 25th anniversary trade dress.

64 page Fantastic Four story "Homecoming!"

Characters FEATURE: Fantastic Four--Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Human Torch; The Thing; She-Hulk; GUESTS: Hopper Hertnecky; Wyatt Wingfoot; Alicia Masters; VILLAINS: Subterraneans; Mole Man
Synopsis The FF battle the Mole Man; Thing returns to the team.
Genre superhero
Script Jim Shooter (plot); Stan Lee (script)
Pencils Barry Windsor-Smith (pp 1-10); Kerry Gammill (pp 6-10); Ron Frenz (pp 11-20); Allen Milgrom (pp 21-30); John Buscema (pp 31-40); Marc Silvestri (pp 41-49); Jerry Ordway (pp 50-64)
Inks Barry Windsor-Smith (pp 1-10); Vince Colletta (pp 6-10); Bob Wiacek (pp 11-20, 51-57); Klaus Janson (pp 21-30); Steve Leialoha (pp 31-40); Josef Rubinstein (pp 41-40); Joe Sinnott (pp 50, 58-64)
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters John Workman

1 page Fantastic Four illustration "Back Cover"

Characters Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; Thing; Invisible Woman
Genre superhero
Pencils John Buscema
Inks Joe Sinnott