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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published March 1987
Cover Price 0.75
Pages 36
Editing Mike Gold

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils John Byrne
Reprinted in Legends: The Collection (DC, 1993 series) #nn

22 page story "Let Slip the Dogs of War!"

Characters Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Dr Fate [Kent Nelson]; Black Canary [Dinah Laurel Lance]; Green Lantern [Guy Darrin Gardner]; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Batman; Flash [Wally West]; Changeling [Garfield Logan]; Superman; Phantom Stranger; Robin [Jason Todd]; Macro-Man; Sunspot; Captain Boomerang [George Harkness]; Warhounds; Glorious Godfrey [G. Gordon Godfrey]; Darkseid; Lisa Sutton; President Ronald Wilson Reagan
Genre Superhero
Script John Ostrander (plot); Len Wein (script)
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Karl Kesel
Colors Tom Ziuko
Letters Steve Haynie
Notes Billy becomes Captain Marvel again. Character information from Thom Jacobson via the Error List (November, 2008).
Reprinted in Legends: The Collection (DC, 1993 series) #nn; in Justice League [Lega della Giustizia] (Play Press, 1990 series) #3