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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published January 2007 [November 22, 2006]
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 44
Editing Michael Siglain; Stephen Wacker; Harvey Richards (Assistant); Jeanine Schaefer (Associate)
Notes Second date is the cover date.

Cover Details

Characters Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]
Genre Superhero
Pencils J G Jones
Inks J G Jones
Colors Alex Sinclair
Notes Second date is the cover date.

22 page 52 story "Name Calling"

Characters Steel [John Henry Irons]; Pieter Cross [Doctor Mid-Nite]; Everyman [Hannibal Bates]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Fury [Erik Storn]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Jade [Nicki Jones]; Garfield Logan [Beast Boy]; Will Magnus; Matrix; Nuklon [Gerome McKenna]; Obsidian [Todd Rice]; Skyman [Jacob Colby]; Starlight [Natasha Irons]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Veronica Cale; T. O. Morrow; Ira Quimby [IQ]; Doctor Sivana; Chang Tzu; Teams -- Justice Society of America; Infinity, Inc.
Synopsis Week twenty-nine finds Infinity, Inc. marshaling a Thanksgiving Day parade past the Justice Society headquarters, Green Lantern and Obsidian getting distateful news, Magnus being betrayed at the "Mad Scientists Thanksgiving", and Steel learning an ominous fact about the Everyman Project.
Genre Superhero
Script Geoff Johns; Grant Morrison; Greg Rucka; Mark Waid
Pencils Keith Giffen (Breakdowns); Chris Batista
Inks Jack Jadson
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Jared K. Fletcher
Notes First appearance of the new Jade.

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher)

Script Dan Didio
Letters Typeset
Notes Hot List: Connor Hawke 1; Guy Gardner 1; Hawkgirl 58

20 page advertisement "Various"

Notes [inside front,20] Superman Returns (DVD); [5] In house -- Rush City; [6] Superman DVD collections; [9] Myst Online; [11] Sam & Max: Season 1 (game); [13] Gametap; [17] Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 at Wal-Mart (DVD); [19] Magic: The Gathering (game); [21] Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (DVD); [22] Justice League: Heroes (game); [26-27] Final Fantasy V Advance; [29] Killzone Liberation; [32] Children of Mana; [33] Magical Starsign; [35] Time Spies; [36] Masters of American Comics; [inside back] Destroy All Humans! 2; [back] Dodge