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Issue Details

Issue #8
Published 2002
Frequency Annual
Cover Price 3.50 USD
Pages 52

Cover Details

Characters Bart Simpson; Police Chief Wiggum
Pencils Bill Morrison (signed)
Inks Bill Morrison
Colors Bill Morrison
Notes Matt Groening's signature also appears on the cover, but he didn't contribute to the art.

15 page The Simpsons story "Night Of Nineteen Screams"

Characters Grandpa Simpson; Police Chief Wiggum; Barney Gumble; Moe; Carl; Lenny; Ned Flanders; Homer Simpson's Ghost; Marge Simpson's Ghost; Lisa Simpson's Ghost; Bart Simpson's Ghost; Maggie Simpson's Ghost; Patty Bouvier; Selma Bouvier; Mongomery Burns; Waylon Smithers; Hans Moleman
Synopsis Grandpa kills the Simpsons, but plenty of people have a share in their house.
Genre Humour
Script Ty Templeton
Pencils Ty Templeton
Inks Ty Templeton
Colors Nick Rink; Art Villanueva
Letters Karen Bates
Editing Bill Morriosn

5 page The Simpsons story "Tales From The Kwik-E-Mart"

Characters Apu; Homer; Bart; Lisa; Marge; Maggie; Vampire; Zombie; Leprechaun; Tiger; Toucan
Synopsis The Simpsons are attacked by cereal mascots.
Genre Humour
Script Gail Simone
Pencils Jill Thompson
Inks Jill Thompson
Colors Jill Thompson
Letters Karen Bates
Editing Bill Morrison

10 page The Simpsons story "Krustine"

Characters Homer; Bart; Hans Moleman; Marge; Lisa; Maggie; Krusty; Ned Flanders; Barney; Smithers; Professor Frink; Moe; Sideshow Bob
Synopsis Homer buys a car from Krusty.
Genre Humour
Script Scott Shaw!
Pencils Scott Shaw!
Inks Scott Shaw!
Colors Art Villanueva
Letters Karen Bates
Editing Bill Morrison

14 page The Powerplant Of Pain story "The Lexicon Of Lurid Limericks"

Characters Montgomery Burns; Comic Book Guy; Marge; Homer; Miss Krabappel; Principal Skinner; Bart; Lisa; Maggie; Patty; Selma; Gil; Cletus; Kodos; Kang; Groundskeeper Willie; Chief Wiggum; Apu; Moe; Disco Stu; Smithers; Ralph Wiggum; Milhouse; Radioactive Man; Doctor Crab; Sideshow Bob; Ned Flanders; Jimbo; Dolph; Kearney
Synopsis Montgomery Burns disposes of some waste in the swamp as Springfield's inhabitantsare terrified by the results.
Genre Humour
Script Hilary Barta; Stephen Sullivan
Pencils Hilary Barta
Inks Hilary Barta
Colors Dave Stewart
Letters Karen Bates
Editing Bill Morrison
Notes Each section is a limerick, the first beginning with 'a' then following the alphabet.

4 page text article "Hellacious Halloween Hallmarks And A Baleful Bowlful Of Boos"

Synopsis Four writers share a halloween experience, with Simpsonised illustrations of themselves.
Script Hilary Barta; Scott Shaw!; Gail Simone; Ty Templeton
Letters Typeset