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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published November 1986
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Dimpsey

Cover Details

Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Matt Wagner (painted)
Inks Matt Wagner (painted)
Colors Matt Wagner (painted)

20 page Eb'nn story "The Last Gunfight of Dirty Dingo Dawg"

Characters Eb'nn; Jack; Tiger; Dirty Dingo Dawg
Genre Funny Animal
Script Michael Dimpsey
Pencils Chris Ecker
Inks Brian Thomas
Letters Chris Ecker

1 page Dick Duck story "Dick Duck, Duck Dick"

Characters Dick Duck; Pavlov the Pup
Synopsis Lesson on how to tail someone.
Genre Funny Animal
Script Jim Engel
Pencils Jim Engel
Inks Jim Engel

8 page Combat Wombat and his Howlin' Critters story "B-Day!"

Characters Combat (wombat); Cousin Jed (horse); Shoeshine (monkey); Eggroll (mole); Rocco (lizard); Perv (cat); Snowcone (penguin)
Genre Funny Animal
Script Michael Dimpsey
Pencils Grass Green
Inks Grass Green
Letters Grass Green