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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published January 2003
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 40
Editing Stephen Wacker

Cover Details - "Introducing...All-Star!"

Characters Batman; Wonder Woman; Flash [Wally West]; Martian Manhunter; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Hawkgirl; Superman; All-Star
Genre superhero
Pencils Butch Lukic (painted)
Inks Butch Lukic (painted)
Colors Butch Lukic (painted)

22 page Justice League of America story "Local Hero"

Characters Green Lantern [John Stewart]; All-Star [Olivia Dawson]; Flash [Wally West]; Martian Manhunter; Hawkgirl; Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; Poison Ivy (cameo); Harley Quinn (cameo); Gorilla Grodd (cameo); Chemo (cameo); Bizarro JLA (cameo); Brainiac; Green Lantern Corps
Synopsis All-Star is a local hero who finds herself fighting with the Lustice League to stop Braniac.
Genre superhero
Script Dan Slott
Pencils Min S. Ku
Inks Mark Propst
Colors Heroic Age (Separations); John Kalisz
Letters Kurt Hathaway
Reprinted In Justice League Adventures, Vol. 2: Friends and Foes (DC, 2004 series) #nn