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Issue Details

Issue #57
Published July 1991
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.25 CAD; 0.70 GBP
Pages 52
Editing Mike Carlin; Dan Thorsland (assistant)
Notes 1991 Triangle #20.

Cover Details - "The Mark of the Krypton Man"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Eradicator
Genre Superhero
Pencils Dan Jurgens (signed)
Inks Brett Breeding (signed)
Colors Brett Breeding

38 page Superman story "Return of the Krypton Man"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; The Cleric (flashback); Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane; Martha Kent; Jonathan Kent; Perry White; Alice White; Sam Foswell; Professor Emil Hamilton; Pete Ross; Lana Lang; Lucy Lane; Sam Lane; VILLAIN: Eradicator
Synopsis Superman faces off against the Eradicator. Jonathan and Martha go on a cruise, and meet the Whites.
Genre Superhero
Script Dan Jurgens
Pencils Dan Jurgens (layout, pages 1-7, 31-38); Art Thibert (pages 17-21); Jon Bogdanove (pages 10-13, 22-23); Bob McLeod (pages 8-9, 14-16, 25); Tom Grummett (layout, pages 24, 26-30)
Inks Brett Breeding (finishes, pages 1-7); Art Thibert (p. 17-21); Dennis Janke (p. 10-13, 22-23); Denis Rodier (pages 8-9, 14-16, 25); Jerry Ordway (finishes, pages 24, 26-30), Bob McLeod (finishes, pages 31-38)
Colors Glenn Whitmore
Letters John Costanza
Notes Story continued from SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL (DC, 1991 series) #1 and story continues in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (DC, 1987 series) #480.

2 page Metropolis Mailbag letters page "Metropolis Mailbag"

Script Dan Thorsland
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from: Thomas Franklin, Mark Phillips, John Able Curtis, Yosef Shapiro, Richmond West, and Dale Coe. Also includes full page-by-page credits for this issue and for Superman: The Man Of Steel #1.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "!mpact Comics"

Notes Subscription ad B-93 with The Comet, the Fly, The Jaguar, The Shield, and The Web (on page 46 of this issue).

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "House Advertisements"

Notes House ads for: Justice League America Annual #5 (1/2 page), and The Comet. Appear in various places in this issue.

8 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 8 one-page and 1 half-page ads for: Beetlejuice (game, Ljn), Great Eastern Conventions (comic book conventions), New Comic Books 50% Off (comic store, Mile High Comics), Makin' It with Olympic (cards/stationary, Olympic Sales Club), East Coast Comics (comic store), The Ultimate Game Club (1/2 page), Write Right Now (classified ads, Print Advertising Representatives), Lynx (game system, Atari), and Laser Invasion (game, Konami). Appear in various places in this issue.