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Issue Details

Issue #376
Published January 2000
Cover Price 1.99 USD
Pages 44
Editing Pete Franco (Assistant); Mark Powers

Cover Details - "Apocalypse: The Twelve Part 1"

Characters Everyone
Genre superhero
Pencils Adam Kubert
Inks Adam Kubert
Colors Chris Dickey

22 page X-Men story "Filling In the Blanks"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Storm; Rogue; Gambit; Colossus; Archangel; Nightcrawler; Beast; Jubilee; Marrow; Psylocke; Polaris; Kitty Pryde; GUESTS: Mikhail Rasputin; Moira MacTaggert; Fiz the Skrull; VILLAINS: Mr. Sinister; Living Monolith; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Iceman; Wolverine; Havok; Thor
Synopsis The Living Monolith is resurrected by Mr. Sinister; Xavier names the 12 and the X-Men are off to find them.
Genre superhero
Script Alan Davis (Plot); Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Roger Cruz
Inks Matt Banning; Andy Owens; Jimmy Palmiotti
Colors Liquid Graphics
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft; Albert Deschesne
Notes Continued from X-Men #95; Continued in Cable #75 and X-Men #96

8 page Spider-Man story "Fast Lane Part 2: Feel the Rush"

Characters FEATURE: Spider-Man; VILLAIN: Mysterio
Genre superhero
Script Glenn Herdling
Pencils Gregg Schigiel
Inks Richard Case
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Chris Dickey
Editing Michael Stewart, Steve Behling
Notes Anti-Drug story inserted in a number of comics.