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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published Early July 2003
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 4.25 CAD
Pages 40
Editing Eddie Berganza; Lysa Hawkins (associate)

Cover Details

Characters Young Justice [Impulse [Bart Allen]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark]]; Titans [Jesse Quick [Jesse Chambers]; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Troia [Donna Troy]]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ale Garza [as Alejandro] (signed)
Inks Trevor Scott (signed)
Reprinted in Teen Titans / Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy (DC, 2006 series) #[nn]

22 page Titans; Young Justice story "Graduation Day, Part One: Invocation"

Characters Young Justice [Empress [Anita Fite]; Impulse [Bart Allen]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Superboy [Kon-El]; Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark]]; Titans [Argent [Toni Monetti]; Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Cyborg [Victor Stone]; Jesse Quick [Jesse Chambers]; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Omen [Lilith Jupiter]; Tempest [Garth]; Troia [Donna Troy]]; Metal Men [Iron; Lead; Platinum]; Jean Walters; Indigo (first appearance)
Synopsis "The fate of two teams is decided in this thrilling 3-issue miniseries! A mysterious conglomerate offers to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice, but will either team take the offer? Before they can decide, Indigo, a mysterious, cyborg girl from the future, attacks and seriously wounds several of the two teams' members...perhaps fatally!" [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Judd Winick
Pencils Ale Garza
Inks Trevor Scott
Colors Jeromy Cox
Letters Comicraft
Reprinted in Teen Titans / Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy (DC, 2006 series) #[nn]

1 page DC in Demand promo (ad from the publisher) "DC in Demand 05.03"

Script ? [as your Mole in 1700]
Letters typeset
Notes DC Bullpen Page with promo texts and news about upcoming projects. Spotlight on Superman: Birthright #1. Hot list - Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1, JSA: All-Stars #1, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 and Human Defense Corps #1. House ad for Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2.