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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published April 2004
Cover Price $2.95
Pages 36
Editing Mark Powers (?)

Cover Details

Genre war
Pencils Tim Seeley
Inks Andrew Pepoy
Colors Val Staples
Letters Typeset

22 page G.I. Joe story "Players and Pawns Part Two"

Characters FEATURE: G.I. Joe-- Hawk; Lady Jaye; Clutch; Zap; Barbecue; Lightfoot; Hacker; Barrel Roll; Dial-Tone; Ripcord; Tunnel Rat; Recondo; Low-Light; Dart; Flint; Firewall; VILLAINS: Cobra Commander; Tomax; Xamot; Destro; Alexander Destro; Mistress Armada; Iron Grenadiers; Crimson Guardsmen; Tele-Viper; Cobra Soldiers
Synopsis Barrel Roll has infiltrated Cobra Island and attempts to upload a computer virus to help the Joes keep tabs on the snakes; Destro begins stirring up trouble in Sierra Gordo.
Genre war
Script Brandon Jerwa
Pencils Tim Seeley
Inks Cory Hamscher
Colors Brett Smith
Letters Dreamer Design