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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published August 1983
Editing Dez Skinn

Cover Details

Genre humor
Pencils Steve Parkhouse
Inks Steve Parkhouse

8 page Bojeffries Saga, The story

Genre humor
Script Alan Moore
Pencils Steve Parkhouse
Inks Steve Parkhouse
Reprinted in Flesh and Bones (Fantagraphics, 1986 series) #1

5 page The Spiral Path story "untitled"

Script Steve Parkhouse
Pencils Steve Parkhouse
Inks John Ridgeway
Reprinted in Spiral Path, The (Eclipse, 1986 series) #2

7 page The Legend of Prester John story

Script Steve Moore
Pencils John Stokes
Inks John Stokes

5 page V for Vendetta story "Book Two- Prelude - This Viscious Cabaret"

Script Alan Moore
Pencils David Lloyd
Inks David Lloyd
Reprinted in V For Vendetta (DC, 1988 series) #4; in V For Vendetta (DC, 1990 series) #nn

5 page Young Marvelman story

Script Alan Moore
Pencils John Ridgeway
Inks John Ridgway
Reprinted in Miracleman (Eclipse, 1985 series) #6

4 page Laser Eraser and Pressbutton story

Script Steve Moore (as Pedro Henry)
Pencils Mick Austin
Inks Mick Austin

1 page Dispatches letters page

Letters typeset