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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published October 1976
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 52
Editing Paul Letiz; Carl Gafford (co-editor)
Notes Official DC fanzine, published by DC. Mostly articles on DC characters and their creators.

Cover Details - "Incredible Unpredictable Issue"

Characters Sugar & Spike; Cain; Winky, Blinky, & Noddy; Woozy Winks; Bat-Mite; Quisp (from Aquaman); Mr. Mxyzptlk; Wonder Woman; Bizarro No. 1; Fox & Crow; Jonah Hex
Genre parody
Pencils Sergio Aragones (signed)
Inks Sergio Aragones (signed)
Colors Tony Tollin
Notes Cover has "Nov." date.

4 page Jonah Hex story

Characters Jonah Hex
Synopsis Parody using Jonah Hex. Hex finds 80,000 Indians surrounding a fort and decides to join the winning side.
Genre parody; western
Script John Albano
Pencils Tony DeZuniga
Inks Tony DeZuniga
Notes Pages 17-20. Unpublished story intended for DC parody book "Zany", which was never produced.

4 page story "The Gnark is Coming! The Gnark is Coming!"

Synopsis A bumkin aspires to be a squire. He must give a gnark a potion or it will go insane and go on a killing rampage.
Genre parody
Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Wally Wood
Notes Pages 21-24. Apparently an unpublished story intended for the "Plop!" comic book.

1 page Sugar & Spike filler "Friendship (Sugar Style)"

Characters Sugar; Spike
Synopsis Sugar and Spike are at the beach. Sugar pretends to be Spike's servant.
Genre children; humor
Script Sheldon Mayer
Pencils Sheldon Mayer
Inks Sheldon Mayer
Notes Page 48. Unpublished Sugar & Spike one-page story?

1 page Sugar & Spike filler "Spike vs. the Football!"

Characters Spike
Synopsis Spike get hit in the posterior when a football goes over the fence from a neighbor's yard. He trades the football for a helmet to protect himself (giving a new meaning to "cover your butt.")
Genre children; humor
Script Sheldon Mayer
Pencils Sheldon Mayer
Inks Sheldon Mayer
Notes Inside back cover. Unpublished Sugar & Spike one-pager?

1 page illustration "Sportsman"

Synopsis A four-armed "athlete" plays many games simultaneously.
Genre sports; parody
Pencils Wally Wood (signed Wood)
Inks Wally Wood (signed Wood)
Colors Tony Tollin
Notes Back cover. Possibly an unpublished cover for the "Plop!" comic book?