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Issue Details

Issue #24
Published Late June 2003
Cover Price $2.50/$4.25 CND
Pages 36
Editing Morgan Dontanville (Assistant); Bob Schreck

Cover Details - "Black Circle: Urban Knights Part 3"

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Jade [Jenny-Lynn Hayden]
Genre superhero
Pencils Charlie Adlard
Inks Charlie Adlard
Colors Moose Baumann

22 page Green Arrow story "Hero Worship"

Characters FEATURE: Green Arrow; GUESTS: Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Jade [Jenny-Lynn Hayden]; Amon Sur; VILLAINS: Farak Fekk (Death); Black Circle Aliens; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Abin Sur; CAMEO: Black Canary [Dinah Lance] (photo)
Synopsis Amon Sur reveals his origins to our emerald clad heroes and leads them on a chase to track down the Black Circle before they can turn the Earth into an intergalactic drug depot.
Genre superhero
Script Ben Raab
Pencils Charlie Adlard
Inks Charlie Adlard
Colors Tatjana Wood with Heroic Age Seperations
Letters Jack Morelli
Notes Cont. from Green Lantern Vol.2 #162; Cont. in Green Lantern Vol.2 #163; GA Quote of the Month: "Now,Squealy...I'm only gonna ask this ONCE, so pay close attention...If I was a visitor from another planet, where would I meet my buddies and pick up the choicest HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS to make my brights brighter and my whites whiter?"

1 page DC in Demand promo (ad from the publisher) "Inside Outsiders"

Synopsis News blurbs cover: Ousiders; Reign of the Zodiac; JLA: Workweek; Wonder Woman; The 7th Helper; Free Comic Book Day
Letters Typeset
Notes Hot List: Green Arrow 23; Green Lantern 162; Sweatshop 1; The Legion 19; Superman: Red Son 1

12 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Everquest Online; [5] Speed Racer (DVD); [9] Transformers Season 2 Part 2 (DVD); [16-18] The Getaway; [21] In house -- Batman: Nevermore; [22] In house -- Superman: Red Son; [24] Free Comic Book Day; [28] In house -- DC mini-busts; [inside back] Star Wars Trading Card Game; [back] Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus