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Issue Details

Issue #470
Published May 17, 1986
Cover Price 0.26 GBP
Pages 32
Editing ? [as Tharg the Mighty]

Cover Details - "Bad City: Blue Murder?"

Characters Blue
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Robin Smith (signed)
Inks Robin Smith (signed)

1 page letters page "Nerve Centre"

Synopsis Letters and artwork from readers.
Script ? [as Tharg the Mighty]
Pencils Kev Plumley; Thomas Foley
Inks Kev Plumley; Thomas Foley
Letters Typeset

6 page Anderson Psi Division story "The Possessed [Part 3] [Freeplumber - Or Grand Warlock?]"

Characters Judge Anderson; Gargarax [Hammy Blish]; Mrs. Papanek; Victor Papanek
Synopsis Judge Anderson follows Garagax after he escapes from the exorcists.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner; Alan Grant [both as R. Clark]
Pencils Brett Ewins
Inks Brett Ewins
Letters Tom Frame [as T. Frame]
Notes Story title from previous Prog.
Reprinted in 2000 AD Presents (Quality, 1986 series) #10; in Judge Anderson: Anderson, Psi-Division (DC, 2005 series) #1

1 page advertisement "The Super Stars"

Synopsis Ad for Matsushiro toys, mostly radio controlled cars.

5 page Bad City Blue story "Bad City Blue [Part 3]"

Characters Blue
Synopsis Blue gets picked up by the jellyfish to take his pain away, but it doesn't work. He ends up in the upper world and finds that everyone has disappeared.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Alan Grant [as Craig Lipp]
Pencils Robin Smith (credited)
Inks Robin Smith (credited)
Letters Steve Potter (credited)

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "40 Judge Dredd Colour Postercards To Give Away"

Synopsis Giveaway for colour postcards, plus an ad for Judge Dredd Book 9 from Forbidden Planet.

Half page Biggles advertisement "Jim, from 1986, again finds himself..."

Notes Comic strip ad for Biggles movie. (continuing story).

7 page Judge Dredd story "Zombies"

Characters Judge Dredd; Thomas Zedd
Synopsis Thomas Zedd, a zombie keeper, starts to take compasion on his supposedly mindless charges.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner; Alan Grant [both as T. B. Grover]
Pencils Cliff Robinson [as C. Robinson]
Inks Cliff Robinson [as C. Robinson]
Colors ? (first two pages)
Letters Tom Frame [as T. Frame]
Notes Title from 2000AD website. Story takes place in AGG BIO. First two pages in colour, rest in black and white.

4 page Ace Trucking story "Any Space Any Time [The Doppelgarp Part 20]"

Characters Rooster Cogburn
Genre Humor; Science Fiction
Script Alan Grant [as Grant]; John Wagner [as Grover]
Pencils Massimo Belardinelli [as Belardinelli]
Inks Massimo Belardinelli [as Belardinelli]
Letters Tony Jacob (credited)

5 page Strontium Dog story "Rage [Part 2]"

Characters Johnny Alpha
Genre Science Fiction
Script Alan Grant (credited)
Pencils Carlos Ezquerra [as C. Ezquerra]
Inks Carlos Ezquerra [as C. Ezquerra]
Letters Kid Robson

1 page Sooner or Later story "Sooner or Later [Part 3]"

Characters Micky Swift
Synopsis Micky Swift talks to his new friends about getting a job and they start talking about poetry.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Peter Milligan [as Milligan]
Pencils Brendan McCarthy [as McCarthy]
Inks Tony Wright [as Riot]
Colors Tony Wright ?;Brendan McCarthy ?
Letters Tom Frame [as Frame]
Notes Credits are: McCarthy/Riot for Art. In colour, on back cover of magazine.