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Issue Details

Issue #476
Published June 28, 1986
Cover Price 0.26 GBP
Pages 32
Editing ? [as Tharg the Mighty]

Cover Details - "Old Bill In The Future City!"

Characters Judge Dredd
Synopsis Artwork is unsigned. Credit from the 2000 AD website.
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Ian Gibson
Inks Ian Gibson

1 page letters page "Nerve Centre"

Synopsis Letters and artwork from readers.
Script ? [as Tharg the Mighty]
Pencils Steve Pickstock; Scott Faulkner
Inks Steve Pickstock; Scott Faulkner
Letters Typeset

5 page Anderson Psi Division story "The Possessed [Part 9] [Sudden Death!]"

Characters Judge Anderson; Hammy Blish
Synopsis Judge Anderson stops the sacrifice of Hammy Blish the only way she knows how.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner; Alan Grant [both as R. Clark]
Pencils Brett Ewins (credited)
Inks Brett Ewins (credited)
Letters Tom Frame [as T. Frame]
Notes Story title from previous prog.
Reprinted in 2000 AD Presents (Quality, 1986 series) #12; in Judge Anderson: Anderson, Psi-Division (DC, 2005 series) #1

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Nemesis, please..."

Synopsis Promo for Nemesis The Warlock coming back to 2000 AD.

1 page advertisement "Hey Kids! Come to the Party of the Century"

Synopsis Ad for a contest to win a trip to Florida.

5 page Bad City Blue story "Bad City Blue [Part 9]"

Characters Blue
Genre Science Fiction
Script Alan Grant [as Craig Lipp]
Pencils Robin Smith (credited)
Inks Robin Smith (credited)
Letters Steve Potter (credited)

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "2000 AD Sci-Fi Special"

Synopsis Promo for a special edition of 2000 AD, on sale at the same time.

8 page Judge Dredd story "Paid With Thanks"

Characters Judge Dredd
Synopsis A woman sends out bills to make money and gets corpses in return.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner; Alan Grant [both as T. B. Grover]
Pencils Ian Gibson [as Q. Twerk]
Inks Ian Gibson [as Q. Twerk]
Colors ? (first two pages)
Letters Richard Starkings [as Rich]
Notes First two pages in colour, rest in black and white.
Reprinted in Judge Dredd (Fleetway/Quality, 1987 series) #46

3 page Ace Trucking Co. story "The Garpetbaggers [Part 2]"

Characters The Aces Garp; Feek The Freek; G-B-H; Evil Guts
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner [as Grover]; Alan Grant [as Grant]
Pencils Massimo Belardinelli [as Belardinelli]
Inks Massimo Belardinelli [as Belardinelli]
Letters Tony Jacob (credited)

5 page Strontium Dog story "Rage Part 8"

Characters Johnny Alpha
Genre Science Fiction
Script Alan Grant (credited)
Pencils Carlos Ezquerra [as C. Ezquerra]
Inks Carlos Ezquerra [as C. Ezquerra]
Letters Kid Robson (credited)

1 page Sooner or Later story "Sooner or Later [Part 9]"

Characters Micky Swift; Cockburn
Synopsis Micky Swift and Cockburn enlist to raid the Food Mountains to get some lunch.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Peter Milligan [as Milligan]
Pencils Brendan McCarthy [as McCarthy]
Inks Brendan McCarthy [as McCarthy]
Colors Brendan McCarthy ?
Letters Tom Frame [as Frame]