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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published March 1989
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.60 CAD; 0.70 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Karen Berger; Art Young (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Animal Man [Buddy Baker]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]
Genre superhero
Pencils Brian Bolland (signed)
Inks Brian Bolland (signed)
Reprinted in Animal Man (DC, 1991 series) #[nn]; in Animal Man (DC, 2001 series) #[nn]

1 page Publishorial promo (ad from the publisher)

Script Jenette Kahn
Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

24 page Animal Man story "Home Improvements"

Characters Animal Man [Buddy Baker]; Cliff Baker; Maxine Baker; Ellen Baker; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; James Highwater; Mike Buckley
Synopsis While the Justice League villain-proofs the Baker household, Animal Man discusses with Martian Manhunter the effect of the gene bomb on him. Later the Martian Manhunter helps Cliff deal with some bullies. Elsewhere, in Africa, natives sense the coming of the gods.
Genre superhero
Script Grant Morrison
Pencils Tom Grummett
Inks Doug Hazlewood
Colors Tatjana Wood
Letters John Costanza
Notes The time-travelling Animal Man from the future makes a second appearance in this story.
Reprinted in Animal Man (DC, 1991 series) #[nn]; in Animal Man (DC, 2001 series) #[nn]

2 page letters page "Animal Writes"

Script Art Young
Letters typeset
Notes Letters of comment from readers Ken Hart, Mike Cullen, Mark A. Ayen, Colin Whatley, Alf, Charlie Harris, Grant Horwood and Mark Lucas, with replies from Young.