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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published December 1988
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Don Daley

Cover Details

Characters Punisher; Daredevil
Genre superhero
Pencils Carl Potts
Inks Jim Lee
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Punisher: An Eye for an Eye (Marvel, 1991 series) #nn

26 page Punisher story "An Eye For An Eye Chapter Two: Tie a Yellow Ribbon"

Characters FEATURE: Punisher; GUESTS: Microchip; Daredevil; Jason Hunt; Hatsu Yakamoto; Katherine Yakamoto; VILLAIN: Hector Montoya
Synopsis Punisher is flying a kite in the park when he meets up with the son of the banker who was killed by the mob on the day his family was killed; Hector Montoya, the man who is supposedly responsible for the deaths of Jason's father and Frank's family is released from prison.
Genre superhero
Script Carl Potts
Pencils Carl Potts (Layouts); Jim Lee
Inks Jim Lee
Colors Gregory Wright
Letters Jim Novak
Reprinted in Punisher: An Eye for an Eye (Marvel, 1991 series) #nn

1 page Punisher character profile "Punisher War Journal Equipment Page"

Genre superhero
Script Eliot R. Brown
Pencils Eliot R. Brown
Inks Eliot R. Brown
Letters Typeset