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Issue Details

Issue #105
Published February 1998
Cover Price 1.99 USD; 2.80 CAD
Pages 38
Editing Kelly Corvese (Editor); Jason White (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Reprinted in Spider-Girl (Marvel, 1998 series) #0

26 page Spider-Girl story "Legacy...."

Characters Spider-Man; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Spider-Girl; Avengers; Green Goblin; Normie Osborn; Liz Allen Osborn; Foggy Nelson; Vision; Jolt; J2; Jubilee; Speedball; Jarvis
Synopsis In the future, the grown Normie Osborn becomes the Greeen Goblin and the daughter of Spider-Man must stop him.
Genre superhero
Script Tom Defalco (Plot and Script); Ron Frenz (Plot)
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors Matt Webb
Letters Chris Eliopoulos; Virtual Caligraphy
Notes Introduction and Origin of Spider-Girl. Introduction of J2. First appearance of A-Next
Reprinted in Spider-Girl (Marvel, 1998 series) #0; in Mega Marvel (Egmont Serieförlaget AB, 1997 series) #2/2000

2 page What If? recap "What If?"

Synopsis Information on the backstory
Letters John Marasigan [as Comicraft's John Marasigan] (design)

Half page story "What If Captain America's Sidekick, Bucky, has actually survived World War II and was Dramatically Reunited with Cap to Fight Alongside him Again Today"

Characters Captain America
Script Chris Giarruso
Pencils Chris Giarruso
Inks Chris Giarruso
Colors Chris Giarruso
Notes Humor